Recently Completed Projects

A sample of recently completed Projects include:

Re-manufacture of a series of 1977 built Boiler Feed Pump ASEA motor Rotors. 

These required the disassembly, reverse engineering and manufacture of a buried copper squirrel cage that had failed, believed to be due to a rather large number of starts.
It had an interesting mechanical arrangement on the overhang portion of the winding and the interface with the large shorting rings.

Repair of a Large Wound Rotor Induction ALSTOM Motor Rotor.

A 120 slots, 8 pole, wave-wound rotor winding, with short jumpers.
This large rotor job was demanding, not only due to the short time frame required, but also on the peculiarities of the work required.
Tensioned Glass and Resin banding, with RTV filler on the endwinding, push-thru bars, copper clip brazing in tight spaces, dip and roll varnishing and oven curing, all of the above was completed within the required time frame and to our exacting quality specifications.

In-situ repair of Flying Excitation Diode clamps in a Siemens Steam Turbine Generator.

On a scheduled maintenance inspection, a slightly lower Insulation Resistance reading prompted additional disassembly of the Exciter end-bell, where a thermally damaged Diode clamping plate was visually found. Further disassembly and inspection found a burnt lead from the Excitation Rotor to the Rectifying Assembly.

An uprated part was 3D-modeled,  contemporary materials were located and machined to verify the repair would be fit for use and meet specifications, and after testing, the parts were fitted and the unit was returned to service well within the time allowed for the turbine maintenance window.

These are but a sample of Projects I regularly undertake.

If you are curious about these or just want to learn more about them, please do not hesitate to ask.